Induction Loop Amplifier

Our Approach

We are very proud of our dedication to providing the right Induction Loop system for your room. There are many veriables that go into the proper placement of your induction wire. Far too many installers use a cookie cutter approuch to wire placement. We first use our field strenght meters along with our expertise to determine the optimum gauge, location of loop wire and the proper amplfication to produce the signal strenght required. Once all these are factored in we then run a priliminery demo installation to listen with our t- coil headset to exactly what a person using the loop system would hear. Only then do we do a permanant installation.  It's because of this formula that we have no problem giving you a lifetime warranty on the installation of your Induction Loop.

Our Story

I had a Father in law that I thought the world of. He has since passed away. He was extremely hard of hearing. It really bothered him when it came to watching tv or hearing what the Pastor would say on Sunday. When he was by himself he would blast the volume of the TV in order to hear, but when people were around he was embarresed so he would turn it down. As a result he couldnt hear and when he turned up his hearing aid it would whistle, which would embarrass him. Then in 2000 I heard about the Induction Loop system. I was already in the audio video business but had not heard of the loop. To make a long story a little shorter. I got a mini loop system for my Father in Law and he just loved it. I aprouched his church and offered my labor for free and within 6 months we installed our first Induction Loop System in my Father in Laws Church. Since then we have installed more then I can count and of all the jobs I do it gives me the very most satisfaction. Please contact us and we can answer all of your questions and provide a free estimate.

Next Steps...

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